What is


What is REBT?

REBT stands for Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, which is based on Stoic philosophy and is an active-directive, solution-focused, research and empirically based type of psychotherapy. Through this therapeutic process , you will learn to become aware of how your thoughts inform your beliefs, i.e., that what you tell yourself, which is at the heart of your emotional state. Once you become aware of your beliefs, you are well on the way to helping heal and feel better in yourself.

This type of therapy uses the ABCDE Model, which suggests that an Activating Event (A) also known as a trigger, does not lead to the Consequence experienced ( C) but rather that it is the Belief (B), i.e. what we infer from what happened that causes us to experience the disturbances, whether they be maladaptive behaviours, Unhealthy Negative Emotions, Action Tendencies (i.e. coping mechanisms, e.g. what we then do), Symptoms or Unhealthy or Intrusive Thoughts.

The solution to resolving the disturbance is by tackling the Belief through a process known as Disputation, which then leads to an Effective new way of being. Below is a graphic example of the types of beliefs that people hold and they can all be modified through the process of REBT, and by doing so, clients are thereby beginning the process of cognitive restructuring, which will restore them to a happier way of living.